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Ready for Easter? We are!

Wooden egg decor in a poppy branch

This year, we have invested special efforts in making the holiday about being together, joy and creativity! We're excited ourselves and we hope you and your little chumps are too!

This year we have prepared special BUNNY BOXES for egg hunts, treats and maybe the first onions grown together? 🌱 Boxes with bunny ears and an organic glass name - how can we not be happy about this beauty, which will serve as a beautiful spring decor year after year. We deliver the boxes disassembled, but they are easy to assemble. As well as in disassembled form, they will be safely stored for the coming years.

Three different shades of boxes and letters are available, which perfectly combine with each other.

Another great product this Easter is the CREATIVE EGG SET . A great activity for children celebrating the spring holidays - 9 wooden eggs to color according to your imagination 😙 This will be a great opportunity for the whole family to spend time together, also coloring the real Easter eggs.

Each set will also contain one personalized egg with a name, so these sets will be perfect as a gift when visiting. In the years to come, the eggs can be hung in flourishing birch branches, so sweet, isn't it?

Paint with gouaches, watercolors, markers or stick with natural materials, children will surely know better!

Let the festive fun begin today! Seize and celebrate that spring in every tiniest bell of the snowdrop, the blooming birch leaf, the warm caress of the sun and the joy of children! Because when, if not now?

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