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How to care for our tote bags and clothing?

In order for our print on the products to look as good as when you received the package, you only need to follow a few simple care rules.

Rarely, but still, we receive a letter that the print has faded or worn out after the first wash. ❗️ Wash clothes and bags inside out and no more than 40 °C - this will protect them from fading (a strict NO to bleach!). ❗️ Do not wash the products together with zippers or any large, sharp buttons, or abrasive items of clothing, so as not to scratch the print. ❗️ Choose gentle laundry detergents - not only our bags and sweaters will be happy with them, but also the rest of your clothes and skin ❤

When washing baby bodysuits, pay special attention to the detergent.

❗️ It will be best to leave the clothes and bags to dry naturally - in the fresh air (but not in direct sunlight). If you have any questions about the care of the specific product, we are always one message away.

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