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We offer printing of various textile products (t-shirts, work clothes, fabric bags, school uniforms, etc.), as well as laser cutting and engraving services in materials such as wood and organic glass.

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Very high-quality fabric printing - DTF or digital transfer printing, which is used for printing various shirts, sweaters, as well as tote bags, etc.

DTF printers are equipped with primary color CMYK inks + white color to be able to print on dark fabrics as well. In this printing, the chosen garment is placed in a heat press and transferred to the fabric with a transfer printed on paper in a digital printing printer.


Laser engraving

Laser engraving – an image is engraved on various surfaces with a laser beam. The laser beam is controlled using a computer, thus it is possible to obtain various shapes, depths, logos, drawings and ornaments. Laser engraving is suitable for surfaces such as wood, organic glass, paper, etc

You need: a file in PDF or vector file format, at the appropriate scale.

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RELINE not only helps realize your ideas, but also collaborates with artists to create new designs of t-shirts, baby bodysuits and wooden cards to inspire customers. This is how RELINE's special collections are created, which are suitable both as gifts and as an integral part of your everyday life!

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