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About us

What's behind Reline Design? Sincere family and strong team. What is it like to be a small family business? It would be a little unbelievable to say that easy, wouldn't it?

I remember a couple of years ago my husband and I walked through a supermarket in Riga and thought "why can't we create cool t-shirts ourselves?" At that time we went home, we were looking for information, we tried a lot, we also failed a lot, because it was quite difficult to find good quality shirts.

This is how we gradually learned, started collaborating with artists and realized that the designs that "catch" the heart are our favorite. And the inspiration to act was with us every moment - our little helpers.  

It has always been important to us that any of our products are not "ordinary". Let it have its own character and our handwriting. 

It's not just a sweater with a print, it's a really high-quality organic cotton sweater, soft and gentle, pleasant to the skin, so that when you see her in the closet, you already know the feeling that will be when you put her on 🤗 Also with every print, every text is our words of the heart, what we want to convey to the world - sometimes a smile, sometimes a reminder of something important.

We are about products created in Latvia and telling their own story ... Sometimes out loud, sometimes just in a whisper, but always with pride and love.

Well, in our store you can find sweaters, clever cloth bags, gifts and much more. That's why our little family says a big THANK YOU for supporting us! Without you, we would not be the ones you see us today!

For dreams, daring and new adventures together!


How beautiful!

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